Saturday, November 16, 2013

Applying K9 Advantix II for dogs - Tick & flea prevention and control

If you're interested in buying Bayer's K9 Advantix II just click the link which will take you to Amazon. Every 6 month I order it from there and so far haven't found a better deal. By the way, if you set up recurrent orders, you can even get some discount.

In this video we show step-by-step how we apply Bayer's K9 Advantix II to our Lhasa Apso dog (23 lbs). We had been using Pfizer's Revolution before but after outdoor walks our dog would eventually come back with ticks which could take 2-3 days to die off. We switched to K9 Advantix II because not only it kills but more importantly repels ticks and fleas. The two products have many differences and a veterinarian should be the best person to help choosing. 

Disclaimer: Always follow the instructions that come with the product there different versions, dog weights, etc. And remember, NEVER use K9 Advantix II in cats.

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