Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reviewing High Definition Projector Optoma HD23 - movie, sports and games in a 170" screen


I installed the Optoma HD23 in my basement and after a few days trying it out I decided to return it. It's not because the projector is bad -- overall it's quite good. However there were a couple of issues which made it the wrong choice for me. 

My main observations:
1. Excellent image definition, vivid colors
2. Very bright -- sometimes too much (see movie and clip)
3. Blurry on fast game actions
4. Not very flexible for placement (limited zoom range)
5. Quite disturbing rainbow effect

In brief, the image is amazingly bright and vivid. Colors are beautiful. But the blurriness on fast moving frames and the rainbow effect were killer issues for me. Since then I got a LCD projector (Epson PowerListe Home Cinema 3010) whose image is not as colorful but does not have the latter problems. I'm very happy with the Epson 3010 now :)


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