Sunday, November 17, 2013

Easy steps to build a DIY Home Theater Projector Screen


Project details:

The video shows how I made my 132” (114x66)  projector screen for less than $80 (assuming you have all the tools) in just a few hours. Once you have all the materials, it’s quite simple and easy to get it done.

I have an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010 projector which is set up on a 21’ x 13’ basement. The wall used to be our screen but I decided to get a real one. As I wanted something cheaper and fun to do, I chose to build it on my own. As the video shows, the results couldn't be more amazing!

The main piece is the cloth which is of excellent quality. One concern I hear very often is about the wrinkles. I got it folded (you have the choice to have it rolled for a few extra bucks) which causes a lot of wrinkles. That's not a problem though as by just stretching and stapling it on the frame -- without really doing anything special -- all wrinkles disappear.

One difference from most other examples I've seen is the fact that I utilized the entire cloth as-is to make my screen without leaving a buffer, cutting pieces or wrapping around the frame. I put staples in the very edge of the cloth to maximize the viewable area and it worked perfectly. I then covered the staples and surrounded the edges with black artist tape. I know Carl's Place recommends felt tape but I had a really hard time finding that locally and decided to go with the artist tape.

It turned out that the artist tape was not a good choice. It started falling after a year or so and I had to replace it with the black felt tape. In this video I demonstrate how easy it was to remove the old tape and put the new one -- which BTW looks much more polished and professional.

I'm very happy with the result. Not only the images are eye-popping -- so much better than projecting on the wall -- but also my home theater room looks so much nicer and elegant (my wife loved it).

  • Figure out your screen size, projection range, dimensions, lighting conditions on Projector Central 
  • Other screen options and instructions from Carl’s place


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  4. My husband and I are looking into doing the same project. My mother-in-law goes to goodwill all the time and gives us these really big picture frames with glass.I was wondering that since the glass is a very flat surface with no imperfections. Can't I just paint over that with silver screen paint?

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  10. if my screen size is 128, how short (shorter) should my pine boards be?

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