Sunday, November 17, 2013

Repairing my Samsung Galaxy S3 Front Glass Screen


Project details:

My phone's screen was very shattered, full of cracks and had no protective film. I replaced just the front glass with a new one, keeping the original digitizer and AMOLED screen. It was a long (2 to 3 hours) and tricky process but totally worth it. Samsung quoted the repair at $180. For less than $30 my phone is reborn and in perfect shape. 

Since then, I've learned some tips from other folks. For example, you can use a special adhesive tape to help holding the glass in place. I also have been using the OtterBox Case as I don't want to have a broken screen again (it actually already saved me a few times).

I have to thank my wife for providing me with this unique opportunity  (she was the one who actually dropped the phone) and helping me repair it -- and the folks from Xda-Developers for sharing the details and giving confidence to try it out.

DISCLAIMER: The videos shows my own experience. If anyone tries to do the same, it'll be at their own risk and responsibility. Besides, this may void your warranty and render your phone unusable.


Tools & Materials:

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